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Welcome to the Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) website and thank you for allowing me to introduce you to the services we offer. FP&M is organized into four primary service units. Design and Construction Services (D&CS) is responsible for hiring and managing the various architectural and engineering firms that design the University's many building renovations and new construction projects. Once projects are competitively bid and appropriate contracts are executed, D&CS coordinates all construction activities with outsourced contractors. On an annual basis D&CS receives an average of $65 million in new funding to implement construction projects for the University.

When construction is completed, responsibility for the finished project is transferred to the Senior Director of Facilities Operations and Maintenance which includes Building Engineering, Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance Trades and Pest Control services. Their service area is comprised of over 11.5 million square feet of space in 120 buildings on approximately 210 acres. It is not unusual for these service units to receive over 25,000 routine and preventive maintenance orders per year.

FP&M's Business Services department provides financial and administrative support to the FP&M departments as well as to the University community. The department's Service Center is responsible for receiving and processing all building and grounds maintenance requests and can be reached at 313-577-4315 or by submitting an on-line request.  Business Services manages the Stockroom which carries more than 3,000 items for equipment repair and maintenance, and supplies for building operations.

There are several key elements of our Utilities and Energy Management department, including the University's strategic energy plan, energy conservation initiatives (ECMs), energy audits, retro-commissioning, green initiatives and reducing our environmental footprint. The department is also responsible for establishing and tracking the university's utility budget.   The university has implemented several energy conservation measures in the last several years ranging from the installation of new efficient mechanical equipment, lighting upgrades, installation of high efficient motors, and installation of direct digital controls for building systems automation.

FP&M strives to provide the university community with a safe, comfortable, and well maintained facilities. To keep up with our growing university, FP&M continually constructs and renovates with the latest technologies that provide essential learning environments. FP&M will continue to create and maintain facilities for the university community with an emphasis on customer service.  We certainly look forward to providing you with effective services and, as always, welcome your feedback regarding our performance.

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