Wayne State University

2015 Spring / Summer Projects

Wayne State is implementing construction projects that will impact our daily activities. Three noteworthy projects are the Integrative Biosciences Center (IBio), the Student Center Building renovations and various eletrical service upgrades.  Along with these, there are a number of smaller projects that will be beginning in spring and summer of 2015.

Integrative Biosciences Center (IBio)

IBio - The Integrative Biosciences Center has been WSU’s priority one project submitted for Capital Outlay consideration since FY 2009, as a new research facility is critical to enabling WSU to participate in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical 

Multidisciplinary Biomedical Research Building

Translational Science Award (CTSA) funding and initiatives.  WSU requested $90 million in Capital Outlay funding to partially cover its portion of the costs of the IBio project, and in December, 2010, was conditionally awarded $30 million by the State of Michigan and was authorized to proceed with final programming and schematic design in accordance with State project development guidelines.  This new research facility is critical to enabling WSU to participate in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Translational Science Award (CTSA) funding and initiatives, and will support 67 PI teams representing multiple program components.  The $92 million MBRB project includes the repurposing of the existing Dagleish Cadillac Dealership in TechTown with frontage on Cass Avenue, and an addition extending to the east boasting a Woodward  address to support the 207,000 square foot facility.  The project is scheduled to be occupied in June 2015. 



Student Center Building Renovations

More information can be found at: http://studentcenter.wayne.edu/new/#top



Electrical Service Upgrades

During the past decade the University has experienced several electrical power outages including the northeast regional power outage of August 2003.  On many other occasions the University has experienced wide variation in electrical voltage as supplied by both the Detroit Public Lighting Department (PLD) and Detroit Edison (DTE).  Problems with PLD electrical reliability have been especially acute in recent years, forcing the University to shut down operations and cancel classes in June 2011 and September 2013.  Planned solutions to mitigate the impact of major outages as well as “brownouts” and power surges include additional emergency back-up power generators, uninterruptable power supplies for sensitive instrumentation, and time delay restart devices for freezers.  Multiple buildings and locations will receive electrical service reliability upgrades such as generators, uninterruptable power supply, freezer protection, and service entrance upgrades.



Fountain Court (Phase I)

The Fountain Court renovation, which will run from the beginning of June to early August, will remove and improve a number of existing elements within the existing space.  The concrete raised plant beds, along with the granite and brick pavers will be removed.  The current concrete walk will also be eliminated.  In place of these elements, a new concrete path will provide pedestrians with a walking passageway.  Along with the walking path improvement, new lighting and power, which will be placed on bollards and distributed across the site, is included within the project scope.  Furthermore, the space will be leveled and planted with grass and trees.  To accommodate passersby, outdoor furnishings will also be distributed across the site.  Lastly, the existing sculptural fountain and water feature will remain in place at the center of the site and be restored.



Midtown Loop (Phase III)

Midtown Detroit, Inc. will begin renovations to complete the Midtown Loop Phase III project.  This project will complete the decorative colored concrete sidewalk on the east side of Cass Avenue from Kirby to Putnam and the west side of Cass Avenue from Kirby to Canfield.  Site fixtures include LED pedestrian lights, benches, bike racks, drinking fountains, and landscaping.  Decorative Comerica Street lights will be installed from I-94 to Canfield.  Additionally, bicycle lanes will be placed from Grand Boulevard to Lafayette, Lafayette to Washington, Washington to Jefferson, Jefferson to Bates.



5447 Woodward: Social Work

Starting in April of 2015, renovation of 5447 Woodward will begin for the School of Social Work.  This project includes renovations to the mechanical and electrical components of the building, as well as the elevator.  Code issues will be addressed during this project to bring the building up to current code standards.  Lastly, spaces will be prepared for faculty and staff office occupancy.  By December 31, 2015, the project should wrap up to allow occupants to move into their newly renovated space.



Parking Structures

During this summer, Wayne State University will be renovating a number of parking structures.  Parking Structure 1, 2, and 5 will be affected this summer.  In Parking Structure 1, work will commence on the east end of the structure and include concrete restoration on the roof and second level, LED lighting, concrete column and beam repairs, and additional steel column posts.  This construction will begin mid-May and be completed at the end of August.  On Parking Structures 2 and 5, there will be work on each level that will include restorations to the structural concrete floors, columns, beams, and wall repair.  Parking Structure 2 renovations will begin mid-May and be completed at the end of July.  Similarly, Parking Structure 5 renovations will also begin mid-May, but these renovations will be completed mid-July.



FAB Rooftop A/C

In mid-May, work will begin to replace the four aged air-conditioning units that are located on the roof of the Faculty Administration Building.  By crane, the new cooling units will be lifted to the roof during hours in which the building is unoccupied.  The proposed location of the crane can be seen in the image provided.  Please recognize that the staging of the crane will cause some disruptions around the building.  The project should be completed in mid-August. 



For additional questions, please contact FP&M at (313) 577-4302 or email bs2276@wayne.edu