Wayne State University

Project Management

The Project Management group responsible for major capital projects is divided among two directors.  The department is comprised of individual Project Managers who lead the process of major capital project design and construction execution for the University.  Initial design is managed by a Planner who is responsible for the coordination and management of the design process.  As a proposed project moves through feasibility study and project development, a Project Manager is assigned to manage the development of construction documents, fulfilling the University's construction administration expectations through contract completion and close-out.

  • Ekta Kamalia

    Interim Director, Project Management
    (313) 577-1975

  • Omar Alhyari

    Engineering Project Manager
    (313) 577-8983

  • Matthew Walker

    Construction Project Manager
    (313) 577-0288


  • T. Allen Gigliotti

    Construction Project Manager
    (313) 577-7658

  • Mark Gibbons

    Construction Project Manager
    (313) 577-0478

  • Marc Ledent

    Construction Project Manager
    (313) 577-5599