Campus-Wide Master Plan


Wayne State University has launched its Campus-Wide Master Plan effort.  This process begins to unfold as the University's previous master plan (2020 Campus Master Plan) nears the end of its term.  While much has changed since 1998, the 21st century has ushered in a number of challenges and opportunities to be examined comprehensively.  To align this plan with the University's vision, mission, and values, the process will closely follow the priorities set for in the Distinctively Wayne State University, Strategic Plan, 2016-2021,


This effort will provide clear direction on how to improve the overall campus experience of students, staff, and faculty.  The resulting plan will inform decision-making around best and highest use of space and land.

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A critical component of this process is your input.  Please click here to take our survey (4 lucky winners will get a $25 gift card to the Wayne State Bookstore).

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  • Improve function and physical form of campus to achieve 21st century standards
  • Identify and strengthen relationships between University entitites
  • Improve the overall campus experience of students, staff, and faculty
  • Make informed decisions around highest and best use of space and land



Our Process

Over the next year, the master planning team will employ a highly interactive engagement strategy and sophisticated analysis methods to understand the campus experience.  As these processes are repeated and the plan becomes more data-driven, the team will begin to reveal answers to important questions about Wayne State's future.  Summarized below are the various phases and activities that will drive this complex process towards completion.

Main Areas of Concentration

  • Space Analysis
  • Land Use
  • Master Plan Principles
  • Pedestrian Circulation, Multimodal Transporation, and Parking
  • Renovations and New Construction
  • Community and Business Outreach
  • Campus Precinct Planning
  • Design Principles
  • Social and Cultural Development
  • Housing
  • Sustainability and Resilience
  • Technology and Master Plan Tools

Organizational Structure

For 150 years, Wayne State has been embedded in the heart of Detroit.  As we look towards the future, it is important to engage with the campus and nighboring communities.  Stakeholders and community members will be called upon over the next year to offer ideas and expertise.  Venues include focus groups, town halls, advisory committees, social media and an interactive mapping survey, which is now live at  If you are interested in participating in the process, please email us at Please click this link to view the Master Plan Organizational Chart.


Wayne State has partnered with a multidisciplinary team of experts to lead and initiate the master planning process.  Please click on this link to get to know the team members.


2020 Campus Master Plan  (PDF)

2020 Camps Master Plan Update (PDF)










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