Elevator status

All reporting of elevator status is based on available data at the time of publication. Many projects are funded and in various stages of factory design, coordination, City permitting, or life safety processes verifications.

Campus Wide Elevator Assessment

Detroit MI, 48201

National Elevator was awarded the campus-wide elevator study.  They began assessments on December 18, 2019.  Physical examinations were completed on February 21, 2020.  The full report will be available April 2020.  Housing units' assessments are within the purview of our partner, Corvias, and not a part of this reporting.

Old Main

4841 Cass
Detroit MI, 48201

Funded, awarded to Schindler Elevator. One of the east Cass elevator units is functional, but does have intermittent outages. Reports of the outage are sent to technicians the same day to get the unit operational as quickly as possible. Each of the eastern units is independently controlled, and only the call buttons in front of the functioning unit will call it for service.

Both eastern units have approved modernization project funds allocated. Purchase orders are issued as of September 2019. Currently, the units are in engineering design phase which takes about four weeks, and the industry factory lead time is twenty weeks. The estimated modernization start date range is mid – March 2020.

State Hall

5143 Cass
Detroit MI, 48202

Funded, phase one awarded to KONE Elevators. Phase one consists of the modernization of existing elevator units and has a current completion date of March 2020; post modernization use of the existing units is pending a City of Detroit elevator inspection variance, tied to phase two completion of the new ADA unit, scheduled for June 2020 completion. Phase two is designed and packaged for bid, with submission results scheduled for October 11th.

Manoogian Hall

906 W. Warren
Detroit MI, 48201

Repairs have been made.  All three elevators are now in operation. This building location is in the queue for condition assessment and total modernization costs development.

Parking Structure 2

5150 Lodge Service Drive
Detroit MI, 48202

There is an intermittent issue with the elevator stopping on the first floor. Our service technicians have already replaced several PC Boards. Because of the new adjacent housing property, the increased usage of this unit in the garage exposed a reliability issue that we are working to resolve. The controller manufacturer is not supporting this older model. The local service group will schedule a local expert to take a look at this unit.

Signs for visitor support are posted at all parking facilities, for any transportation needs and help.

Applebaum Building

259 Mack
Detroit MI, 48201

Funded, awarded to Schindler Elevator. Currently, one passenger elevator is out of service. Modernization order was submitted to the manufacturer in April 2019. Elevator modernization work is scheduled to begin early January 2020.

Scott Hall Building

540 E. Canfield
Detroit MI, 48201

The condition assessment and drawings documentation are funded. Condition assessments will commence with a kick-off meeting and approximately two weeks for the report. The design will depend on the final scope of work, approximately four weeks from the scope of work approval. Drawings will be competitively bid, and the project's expected construction completion would be the summer of 2020.

Elliman Building

421 E. Canfield
Detroit MI, 48201

As of October 15th, the elevator is back in service.


5050 Anthony Wayne
Detroit MI, 48202

Insurance claim pending. One modernized and operational elevator exist in the Danto wing servicing the entire facility.

5425 Woodward

Detroit MI, 48202

Funded, awarded to KONE Elevators. Contract language is routing legal review with the manufacturer. Factory manufacturing and installation is pending executed contract.

Life Science Building

5000 Gullen Mall
Detroit MI, 48202

As of October 15th, elevator is out of service. Schindler Elevator has been notified and parts have been ordered. We do not currently have an estimated completion date for repairs.

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