TMA Status Definitions

Status Indicators

Cancelled – The request, work order, or project has been cancelled by the customer or a duplicate request has been reported and the duplicate was canceled.

Completed – The work order or project has been completed, including all associated close out documentation.          

Estimate Development is in Progress – The Estimator is actively investigating the request; the customer has been contacted and information is being gathered. 

Estimate Under Revision – The customer has requested some modifications to the original estimate; the Estimator is actively updating the request.   

Finished –The work order or project task(s) have been finished; closeout documentation remains to be completed.

Hold for Funds – Funds are unavailable to complete the requested work; the request will remain in hold status.

Parts on Order – Parts or equipment are on order to proceed with the work order or project.

Plant Fund Requested – Projects is awaiting creation of plan fund account.

PM Assigned to Investigate Project Needs – The request is accepted as a work order and a Project Manager or Technician is assigned to investigate the requirements.

Project Complete - Processing Final Invoices – Used by Design and Construction Services Project Managers when actual work is completed.                  

Project Estimate has Been Completed – The planning and/or estimating activities are completed, and the value of the work has been communicated to the customer.

Project is Under Construction – The project is active and under construction.                            

Project on Hold – The project is on hold either by customer request, departmental request, or FP&M requirement.

Project Request in Queue for PM Assignment – The project is waiting for a Project Manager to be assinged.

Project Request is in Active Planning – The Planner is actively investigating the request; the customer has been contacted and information is being gathered. 

Project Request is in Queue for an Estimate – The request is awaiting estimation.

Project Request is in Queue for Planning – The request is awaiting planning processes.       

Reconciliation Complete – Used by Business Services on a direct bill work order.  Once the folder is turned over to business services they will reconcile all of the charges processed to Banner making sure that all payments have been paid to the vendor and the customer’s account has been properly charged.

Submit for Project Number Only – Part of the backlog; project is requested, but funding and priority are not yet identified; the anticipated plant fund value is above $25,000.

Validating Account – Part of backlog; used when awaiting funding authorization on Just Do It requests.

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