Business Technology Solutions

The Business Technology Solutions Project Proposal form is intended to provide information to involved technology steering committees so they may make informed decisions on major new technology acquisitions or major changes to existing systems.

The proposal must:

  • Have a clear business case showing that the proposed solution is cost-effective over other enterprise and business process work-around solutions.
  • Have sponsorship at the Associate Vice President level.
  • Have one-time and ongoing annual costs identified accurately.

Information Technology initiatives are considered “projects” by the Strategic Management Systems group when:

  • The proposal will require more than a week to implement.
  • All associated tasks have a specific Start and End date.

Project requests and/or questions can be submitted to the Business Technology Solutions Coordinator via:

Technical Support Contact

Application and Infrastructure Primary Contact
Facilities Management System (TMA) Jason Sepanak
Utilities Tracking System (EnergyCAP) Jason Sepanak
Space Management System (SMS) Jason Sepanak
Project Tracking System (PTS) Jason Sepanak
Building Automation System (BAS) Jason Sepanak
Digital MPSCS Radios Jason Sepanak
Desktop Support C&IT Helpdesk
Peripheral devices(Copier,Printer,Scanner,etc..) C&IT Helpdesk
Telecommunications (telephone, fax) Telecommunications
Jason Sepanak
Jason Sepanak

Lead Applications Technical Analyst
(313) 577-3368

Facilities Planning & Management