Customer Funded/Small Capital Construction

The Small Capital and Customer Funded (SCCF) Construction group provides general improvement construction project management. Reorganized to provide the University community better service, this team now offers one point of contact for work requests, from estimating through design, to construction project management.  The project manager preparing the estimate will also be assigned to oversee the design and construction providing a more seamless transition for the customer.

A typical work request is received by the Director of Design and Construction Services and assigned to a project manager.  The project manager works with the customer to understand the scope of the project and provides an estimate.  If the customer funds the project and funds transferred are over $25,000, a plant fund account is established, and the project will be executed.  The project manager will finalize the design with the customer hiring an architect if needed, selecting colors, and submitting documents to the Fire Marshal for review.  Once the purchase orders for the contractors are established, the work begins.  The project manager will guide the trade contractors and the customers throughout the process.  After construction is complete and the customer is pleased, the invoices are paid, and if there are any remaining funds, they are returned to the customer.

Design and Construction Services will work with the customer to determine which construction delivery method is appropriate for the work request.

  • "Just-Do-It" is the quickest method for simple requests that do not require estimates.
  • Time and Material contractor relationships, where the project manager coordinates the trade contractors to complete the construction, is the most common.
  • Competitive Bidding for larger projects (approximately $100,000 and greater) is where an architect completes a set of drawings that are bid to the construction community through Procurement and Strategic Sourcing.  This is the longest process requiring the most documentation, inspections, and contracts.

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Kirsten Mellem
Kirsten Mellem

Associate Project Manager
(313) 577-5302

Aditya Andhare
Aditya Andhare

Construction Project Technician
(313) 577-3038

Facilities Planning & Management