Custodial Operations provides all custodial cleaning, lighting, and pest control services for the main campus.

Custodial Operations is responsible for the following activities on the main campus:

Provide daily janitorial services in all University buildings for the cleaning and upkeep of main campus facilities. Custodial Operations is responsible for the cleaning and servicing of offices, classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, laboratories, elevators, stairs, building entrances, and exits. Custodial Operations is also responsible for changing light bulbs throughout campus (provided the changing of the light bulbs do not pose a danger with its height and location) and all pest control activities such as spraying for insects and removing rodents.

Custodial Operations removes trash and refuse from all rooms and buildings on campus, empties waste paper baskets in classrooms, restrooms, offices, and corridors. A major responsibility, in terms of keeping the community safe and free of spreading germs, is our disinfectant process. Custodial Operations cleans and disinfects locker rooms, gymnasiums, showers, tile, doorknobs, and drinking fountains as well as provides hand sanitizing stations throughout campus.  During the winter snow season custodial sweeps and shovels snow as well as salts entrances of the buildings on campus.

In an effort to keep Wayne green and play a vital role in community stewardship Custodial Operations is heavily involved in the paper, cardboard, and aluminum can recycling process. Custodial Operations also uses electric vehicles as a means of transportation on campus.

As a final responsibility Custodial Operations is responsible for locking and unlocking buildings (doors and windows) and assisting with emergency clean-ups whenever necessary.

David Houle
David Houle

Director, Custodial Services
(313) 577-4840

Facilities Planning & Management